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Withdrawals prior to the gala weekends

The competition will be “cardless” and in order to assist the organisers the following withdrawal system will be in place.

Swimmers withdrawing can leave a message on 01625-427297 no later than 7.00 p.m. on Friday 19th January 2018 for the first weekend, Friday 26th January 2018 for the second Saturday and Friday 2nd  February 2018 for the third weekend or  TEXT 07847735820  and leave a message stating NAME, CLUB and EVENT(S) and either Competitor Number or submitted time, from which  they wish to withdraw.

Withdrawals on medical grounds require a Doctor’s note.


All other withdrawals must be made by


leaving a TEXT message on telephone no. 07847735820  stating NAME, CLUB AND EVENT(S) plus either COMPETITOR NUMBER or SUBMITTED TIME withdrawing from; 


at the pool, by filling in a withdrawal form, which will be available from the recorders desk . There will be separate forms for Males and Females.

WITHDRAWALS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ONCE THE WARM UP FOR THAT SESSION HAS STARTED (the events AFTER the 20mins break are NOT classed as a separate session).



Swimmers, who do not turn up for events and who have not withdrawn officially, will be deleted automatically from the remainder of that day. A letter will be sent to their club confirming this.

Sorry! – None of these swimmers will qualify for a refund.

* *CLUBS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING SURE THAT THEIR OWN SWIMMERS ARE FULLY AWARE OF THE WITHDRAWAL PROCEDURES. Each club is requested to hand a withdrawal form to all of their swimmers, which contains the phone number to contact for withdrawals.

Amended Session Details                                             * Change of time

Session 1 – Sat. 20th  January             8.00 a.m.  for       9.15 a.m. start

Session 2 – Sat. 20th  January             1.45 p.m.  for       3.00 p.m. start

Session 3 – Sun. 21st   January            8.00 a.m.  for       9.15 a.m.  start

Session 4 – Sun. 21st   January            1.45 p.m   for       3.00 p.m. start

Session 5 – Sat  27th   January             8.00 p.m.  for        9.15 a.m. start

Session 6 -  Sat  27th  January              1.30 p.m.  for         2.45 p.m. start

Session 7 -  Sat  3rd    February            8.00 a.m.  for        9.15 a.m. start

Session 8 -  Sat  3rd    February            1.30 p.m.  for        2.45 p.m. start

Session 9 -  Sun 4th   February             8.00 a.m.  for        9.15 a.m. start

Session 8A- SKINS                             Approx 1.00 p.m.

Session 9 – Sun 5th   February               2.00 p.m.  for      3.00 p.m. start (Teams)


Please check the list of swims enclosed and any problems contact Val. Mellor on 01625 – 427297 or    


Last updated - 17 Jan 2018
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