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Changes to World Para Swimming Codes of Exception

Following the changes in January 2018 to the World Para Swimming Technical and Classification Rules and Regulations, the following guidance has been issued by WPS:

This is a quick reminder about the new codes of exception (find here) used from January 1st 2018 on. As it will take a while to reclassify all PI athletes based on the new rules and with this get their CoE updated, some athletes will compete with their old codes for a while. Obviously it would not be fair to disqualify them based on this. Thus, we have to work with two sets of codes of exception for this year:

As of January 1st 2018 all athletes now have an additional * in their codes of exceptions (see Master list:  The * demonstrates that the codes are “old Rulebook” and will be placed at the beginning/front of the codes of exception. Once the athletes are classified during the course of the year the * will be removed and you, the TOs, will use the new CoE as a reference.  We know this is a challenging tasks for you but this is the best solution we could find.

The British Swimming Para-Swimming team have confirmed that Integra is up to date and in line with WPS codes and how they are being implemented internationally.

In practice this means that until all swimmers have been reclassified, which will take a period of 12 to 24 months, there are effectively 2 sets of codes for officials to use when officiating:

·        If there is an * next to the swimmer’s codes this indicates that their exception codes were allocated pre-2018 and they should be officiated against the pre-2018 code definitions or by using common sense.

·        If there is no * next to swimmer’s codes then they have been reclassified since January 2018 and should be officiated against the new codes.

PI = physically impaired

CoE = code of exception

TO = technical official

WPS = World Para Swimming






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