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Competition Secretary’s Report 2018

The Cheshire 2017/2018 season started with the Inter County competition in Sheffield in October. Unfortunately, due to many changes to the team for various reasons, we were relegated to Division 2 for the first time ever.

This event was then followed by the Junior training day at Sandbach Boys school. Swimmers were divided into two groups and had two pool sessions (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) run by experienced skills coach Dave Pettengell assisted by Mike Barnes.

In the morning each group also attended a presentation on Nutrition and Performance Lifestyle given by Ian Freeman from Swim England.

In the afternoon each group took part in a land/circuit training session led by Mike Barnes and Alex Law, based on the Performance Pyramid used by British Swimming, using key exercises designed to improve starts, turns and free swimming.

Thanks go to Elaine Ludgate and Mike Barnes for organising the day.

The Level 3 Meet which took place in November was well supported and entries were up on those of the previous year, although Speeding Tickets issued were again down in numbers.

This competition is an ideal opportunity for the younger swimmers to achieve County Consideration times for the main competition in January and February.

The programme remains the same for the 2018 event and entries are already beginning to arrive.

The championships in Jan/ Feb ran smoothly with two sessions per day proving very popular and seeming to be preferred by coaches, swimmers and officials.. All sessions ran to time which was a bonus.

Single age group finals, as last year, were held for both the 50m and 100m events apart from the youngest age group - 10/11yrs, which had joint finals. All sessions were held, short course, at Macclesfield.

Thanks go to all the clubs for their help and support.

There were some outstanding performances in both the Age group & Championship events in 2018, with many of the Clubs in Cheshire represented. They are listed below:-

      Points based on all categories
10/11yr boys Ronnie Weall Warriors 11   1st
  Ben Lavender Marple 1 1
12yr Boys Adam Wright Winsford 6   1st
  Ben Townsend Alsager Bridgestone 5
10/11yr Girls Sophie Traill Stockport Metro 10   1st
10/11yr Kaitlyn Ha Stockport Metro 3   2nd
12yr Girls Tilly Copeland Crewe Flyers 8
12yr Girls Sophie Weston Warriors 7   1st
13yr Girls Emily Pinkstone Stockport Metro 14   1st
13yr Boys Kaiden Welsby Stockport Metro 8   1st
  Reece Grady Stockport/Satellite 5   3rd
      Points based on top 3 events
14yr Girls Martha Hurst Stockport Metro 11   1st
  Amy West Stockport Metro 4   2nd
      1 Snr
      3 Jnr
14yr Boys Toby Hill Warriors 9   1st
  Ashley Donaldson Altrincham 5   2nd
15yr Girls Leia King Stockport Metro 5   1st
      1 Jnr  
15yr Boys Jay Cushen Winsford 11   1st
      6 Jnr
      1 Snr
  Jolan Bennett Stockport Metro 3   2nd
      1 Jnr
16yr Girls Grace Gidman Wirral Metro 8   2nd
      6 Jnr
  Charlotte Kennedy Stockport Metro 5   1st
      3 Jnr
      2 Snr
  Kate Butler Stockport Metro 3 1 3rd
      3 Jnr  
      3 Snr  
16yr Boys Ethan Wright Winsford 1   1st
      1 Jnr  
      1 Snr
  Daniel Kinsella Warriors 4 1
      2 Jnr
Open Boys Matthew Domville Warriors 3 Snr 2
  Thomas Bloor Crewe 3 Snr 2
  Adam Frost Satellites 3 Snr
Open Girls Tori Sopp Wirral Metro 4 Snr
Top Male Swimmers Based on 3 events
1st Matthew Domville Warriors 1988
2nd Thomas Bloor Crewe 1931
3rd Adam Frost Satellites 1891
Top Female Swimmers
1st Tori Sopp Wirral Metro 2050
2nd Charlotte Kennedy Stockport Metro 1978
3rd Grace Gidman Wirral Metro 1904
Top Championships Club Stockport Metro
Most Improved Championships Winsford
Top Age Group Club Stockport Metro
Most Improved Age Group Club Dane Valley

Finally, thanks to all for the help and support during the past twelve months, both on the wet and dry side. We are always looking for volunteers so please don’t hesitate to put your hand up.

Val. Mellor
Competitions Secretary.



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