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British Swimming Referee And Starter Development Programme


  • To develop the individual’s personal skills and technical skills in the role of either Starter or Referee by way of experience, instruction, mentoring, observation, assessment and debriefing.


  • Four years, commencing on 1st January in the year of appointment. 

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, as determined by the British Swimming-Swimming Officials Group, each individual will be limited to one term of four years. Should an individual choose, they may if qualified apply separately to undertake at different times both the Referee and Starter programme.
Upon completion of their term, it is expected that the individual will return to their county/region/district equipped to develop others using the skills and knowledge they have accrued during their time on the programme.


  • Minimum age of at least 21 years of age as at the date of commencement, there is no maximum age limit.
  • Qualified and licensed in the role for which they are applying for at least 3 years as at the date of commencement.
  • Previous attendance as a technical official at a minimum of 25 days at national (British Swimming/Swim England/Swim Wales/Scottish Swimming) or international events.
  • A minimum of 150 hours evidenced officiating in the role for which they are applying. This must be at a variety of levels of meet, and should include County/Regional/District as appropriate.
  • Completion and submission of the application form, with supporting documentation, to be received by the Swimming Officials Coordinator by midnight on the date of the advertised closing date.

Commitment – the applicant

  • Agreement to adhere to the Development Programme Code of Conduct
  • Attendance at one long (4+ days) or 2 short (1-3 days) National Events each year of the programme. There will be an expectation that during the course of the candidate’s time in the programme a number of these events will be outside of the applicant’s home country, although within England, Scotland or Wales.
  • Attendance at a variety of other meets at all levels, including National Events in other roles.
  • Submission of the candidate’s Development Programme logbook upon request.
  • Acceptance of being assessed during the time on the programme.
  • Undertaking to subsequently train and develop others using the skills and knowledge gained during the programme.

Commitment – the programme

  • The candidate will be afforded Mentorship responsible for the continuing development of the candidate, for the duration of their time in the programme.
  • A clear, transparent documented criteria, against which the candidate will be mentored, assessed and developed will be given to the candidate when they commence their time in the programme. On each day of attendance at a National Event the candidate will be debriefed with regard to their performance against the stated criteria.
  • Copies of the paperwork generated with regard to the candidate’s time in the development programme, their performance and development will be given to the candidate whilst the originals will be retained centrally.

For information, the dates of the various national events can be accessed by the following links:

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