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Age Groups 2018 - Hytek Results

To help many of the Cheshire Clubs who have purchased and now use HyTek Team Manager, a set of results are available here as a downloadable HyTek Team Manager Database file. There are no splits these can be obtained from the result files if required.

download here Click on the button above and select save to your desktop as

  1. Unzip to your desktop as CC18_HyTek.mdb
  2. Open HyTek Team Manager,
  3. In HyTek Team Manager - File - Open - and open CC18_HyTek.mdb
  4. Select Meets, you should only see the county meets
  5. Close Meets
  6. File - Export - Meet Results -
  7. Select gala to export - select your Team, and export
  8. Should create a zip file in C: TMIIData
  9. -----------------
  10. File - Open - and select your normal Club HyTek Database file
  11. File - import - Meet Results, from the zip file created above
  12. Select add new athletes, incase there is different name spellings etc.
  13. Import the zip File.
  14. look at athletes and check for any Duplicates, (ie Sam and Samuel etc.)
  15. If found select one of the duplicates, drag and drop onto the other, this should merge the two together.
  • If you have problems with this new process please ring Andy on 07929 55 30 58
  • Can you let me know if this process works ok,
  • Disqualifications, DNC, DNF etc. are not included

(We have taken care in getting the swims correct, etc. but I cannot guarentee 100% perfect, so please check carefully before using the times. any problems let me know)


Data files prior to 2018 are available on request

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