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For The Attention Of Clubs Entering Cheshire Competitions

The Swimming Committee has now introduced the following guidelines to clubs for help :-

  1. Clubs entering less than 5 swimmers -0   but a licensed official would be appreciated if possible
  2. Clubs entering   5–10 swimmers – request -   1 Licensed Official
  3. Clubs entering  11–20 swimmers –request – 2 Licensed Officials
  4. Clubs entering  21 and above      -  request -  3 Licensed Officials
  5. Requirement is for each day of the competition
  6. A coaches Pass will be supplied to the Club for every licensed official supplied, up to a maximum of three passes.
  7. Names of Technical Officials, together with details of their qualification, to be submitted with the paper entries, detailing when available.

Unfortunately, it has been necessary to introduce these suggestions to the conditions, because failure to have enough officials for a licensed Meet means that, in the future, times recorded by the swimmers will not be accepted by  the  ASA for Rankings.


Last updated - 02 Dec 2016
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