Licensing Requirement for the Remainder of 2021

Swim England have announced a few changes to the licensing requirements of all levels of Licensed Meets. The changes address the implications of the Coronavirus Regulations on the numbers of officials on poolside. Please refer to the Swim England Documentation for further information. These¬†adjustments will remain in place for all meets taking place up untilContinue reading “Licensing Requirement for the Remainder of 2021”

County Competition Update May 2021

The county executive and competitive swimming group have been keeping a close watch on the ever changing Coronavirus regulations along with Swim England’s guidance. It is clear that circumstances prevent the staging of the County Junior Meet and the Age Group Championships for 2021. However, we encourage clubs to hold level 4 meets wherever possibleContinue reading “County Competition Update May 2021”

Cheshire Officials Contribute to the Manchester 2021 International Swimming Meet

Hosting an International Event is a challenging enterprise even in normal times but planning and running the Manchester International Swimming Meet in the current Covid-19 Pandemic has required the combined expertise of the City of Manchester Aquatics Swim Team (COMAST), Manchester City Council and British Swimming. The significance of this meet cannot be overstated asContinue reading “Cheshire Officials Contribute to the Manchester 2021 International Swimming Meet”

Cheshire Referee Appointed to the Latest FINA Swimming Officials List

Congratulations to Jackie Beard-Jones on her appointment to the latest FINA Swimming Officials List. The 4 year appointment means that Jackie will be eligible to officiate at international events promoted by FINA and LEN, as well as taking on senior roles at the domestic events of British Swimming and our Home Nations partners.  Jackie isContinue reading “Cheshire Referee Appointed to the Latest FINA Swimming Officials List”

Advice Regarding Swim Camps Abroad

Cheshire County Swimming and Water Polo Association advises clubs not to undertake trips abroad for Swim Camps and Competitions. Whilst Swim England has not expressly banned foreign trips, their advice is that clubs must consider all factors very carefully. Recent statements include: With the frequently changing international travel rules and regulations emerging, we ask thatContinue reading “Advice Regarding Swim Camps Abroad”