Girls 200 Butterfly

Neil Booth Cup

Historic event winners

2020B CloverStockport Metro
2019E PinkstoneStockport Metro
2018L KingStockport Metro
2017G Melbourne-SmithWarriors of Warrington 
2016E RowsonStockport Metro
2015M RoodhouseStockport Metro
2014M CromptonStockport Metro
2013L EvansWarriors of Warrington 
2012L EvansWarriors of Warrington
2011R PyeWarriors of Warrington 
2010A BaileySatellites of Macclesfield
2009A BaileySatellites of Macclesfield
2008A MorganStockport Metro
2007K LoweStockport Metro
2006L WorrallCity of Chester
2005G ClethroCity of Chester
2004A TetleyWinsford
2003P BarlowStockport Metro
2002H EllisStockport Metro
2001H EllisStockport Metro
2000G ParkerSatellites of Macclesfield
1999H WilliamsCity of Chester
1998C HodgsonStockport Metro
1997C SpurrStockport Metro
1996K EdwardsStockport Metro
1995E GerrardCity of Chester
1994C HickeyWarriors of Warrington
1993N CrosbyWarriors of Warrington 
1992S WeedonStockport Metro
1991G McMichaelWarriors of Warrington 
1990A MacKayWarriors of Warrington
1989K JonesCity of Chester
1988H WelfordNeston
1987J RobertsCity of Chester
1986S SmartCity of Chester
1985N AtkinsonPoynton Dippers
1984S MarshallWarriors of Warrington
1983A DoddWythenshaw
1982A DoddWythenshaw