Ladies 800 Freestyle

Historic event winners

Val Mellor Cup

2020S TraillStockport Metro
2019C LansomStockport Metro 
2018C KennedyStockport Metro
2017A HawkinsStockport Metro
2016K HenleyStockport Metro
2015M CromptonStockport Metro
2014M CromptonStockport Metro
2013B YoungWarriors of Warrington 
2012K DawsonWarriors of Warrington
2011K DawsonWarriors of Warrington
2010A ThorntonWarriors of Warrington
2009J PowellStockport Metro
2008S EagleshamCity of Chester
2007S EagleshamCity of Chester
2006A HendersonWinsford
2005A HendersonCrewe Flyers
2004K WhitfieldStockport Metro
2003P BarlowStockport Metro
2002S JamesStockport Metro
2001S JamesStockport Metro
2000P DaviesStockport Metro
1999S DunnSatellites of Macclesfield
1999S DunnSatellites of Macclesfield
1998S DunnCrewe Flyers
1997C SpurrStockport Metro
1996K SmithStockport Metro
1995K CromerWarriors of Warrington
1994S HallworthStockport Metro
1993S HallworthStockport Metro
1992S HallworthStockport Metro