Top Female and Top Male

This is one of the awards from the Cheshire County Masters Competition

Top Female Trophy

2020Sophie TraillStockport Metro
2019Amy WestStockport Metro
2018T SoppWirral Metro
2017T SoppWirral Metro
2016E HarrisStockport Metro
2015M CromptonStockport Metro
2014D LoweBebington
2013K DawsonWarriors of Warrington 

Top Male

2020James WatsonCrewe Flyers
2019Matthew DomvilleWarrington Warriors
2018M DomvilleWarriors of Warrington 
2017M DomvilleWarriors of Warrington 
2016H CoulterStockport Metro
2015H CoulterStockport Metro
2014T NelsonWirral Metro
2013D CrosbyStockport Metro