Spectators, Cheshire County Championships 2022

Due to the current Covid restrictions the number of spectators allowed on the balcony at any one time at the Cheshire County Championships will be limited to 160. In order to control numbers on the balcony, minimise the risk of infection and ensure spectators have a seat, tickets to the event will be sold online in advance.

The ticketing system will be accessible at the swimming events website (https://swimming.events) which will accept purchases from 7.00 pm on Tuesday 18th January 2022. Tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis at a cost of £5.00 per session (no concessions are available). Spectators are requested to clear the balcony between sessions.

Please note: The ticketing website is for the sale of tickets only, please ignore all other information in respect of the meet, the meet conditions and other details are as published in the original Entry Pack.

If you purchase a ticket and are unable to attend a session then a full refund will be made if the ticket is cancelled in advance of the session start time. Refunds will not be available for part sessions or if notification is received after the session has started.

The session start times are :

Session – 1: 22nd January 2022: 1.00pm. warm up
Session – 2: 22nd January 2022: 4.30pm. warm up
Session – 3: 23rd January 2022: 9.00am. warm up
Session – 4: 23rd January 2022: 12.30pm. warm up
Session – 5: 29th January 2022: 1.00pm. warm up
Session – 6: 30th January 2022: 9.00am. warm up
Session – 7: 30th January 2022: 1.15pm. warm up
Session – 8: 5th February 2022: 1.00pm. warm up
Session – 9: 5th February 2022: 4.15pm. warm up
Session – 10: 6th February 2022: 9.00am. warm up
Session – 11: 6th February 2022: 12.30pm.warm up

Tickets for any number of sessions may be purchased in a single transaction, subject to availability,

In accordance with the leisure centre policy we request that face masks are worn at all times whilst in the leisure centre, there is currently no requirement for proof of vaccination or a negative lateral flow test. Should anyone feel unwell we ask you not to attend the event.