Why Cheshire Swimmers Need You to Become a Licensed Swimming Official

Swimming competitions require a large number of volunteers (in the region of 30-40) to run effectively and over half of these volunteers are licensed officials. There are strict criteria for the number of officials required for the various levels of competition and the competitions cannot run or will be downgraded if they fail to meet the requirements. The number of licensed officials and the level of qualification required increases from Level 4, through level 3, 2 and 1 meets.

Qualified and licensed officials are in short supply and event organisers find themselves in competition to attract sufficient numbers of officials to license their event. This has always proved a significant challenge and we anticipate that the current pandemic and associated lockdown will have reduced the number of officials prepared to volunteer when we return to competition.

The county is encouraging all clubs to inform members that online officials training is available here and support them to become involved. We will be better placed to return to competitive swimming if we can ensure we have sufficient licensed officials. The theory modules can be completed online after which poolside experience and assessment sessions will be available when competitive swimming returns.