Cheshire County Championships 2022 Update

In line with the recent changes to the SENW programme of events for 2022 the Cheshire County Championships programme has been expanded to include the 800m male and 1500m female reverse events.  Consequently, a late finish will be incurred on the days of these two long distance event. Unfortunately, we are unable to delay the warm-up times the following day but a mitigating factor is that the session start times were already slightly later than previous years.

We have also amended the consideration times and increased the qualifying time period to 2 years, this will allow times from the Championships in January 2020. However, we must stress that the championships are still subject to restrictions on pool time and the number of swimmers and personnel on poolside and these constraints may force us to reject swimmers that have achieved the consideration times. We will endeavour to maximise the number swims available per event and age group.  The general feedback from clubs was that it is preferable to relax the times and have to reject some swimmers than to tighten the entry times and accept all qualifying swimmers, we trust that this is understood and will be acceptable to all clubs.

Please be advised that these times and the programme are subject to change in response to Swim England, Government and Local Authority Regulations.


Entry Times

As per the statement above, we are expecting to be oversubscribed on events which are entered using the Consideration Times and appropriate rejections will be made to ensure we comply with the restricted pool time and people on poolside. Entries meeting the qualifying times should not be subject to this rejection process.

Consideration times

Qualification times

Programme of Events


The sportsystems entry file will be available to download shortly.

Poolside Passes

Summary of Entries

Withdrawal Forms

Withdrawals can be made using these forms or via the phone number published in the conditions

Licensed Officials and Volunteers

As always, the championships cannot be held without the support of the Licensed Officials and administration staff who volunteer to help out at the event. Administration roles include:

  • Marshalling
  • Announcing
  • Computer Operators
  • General gala administration

If you are interested in learning more about these roles or becoming a licensed official please feel free to contact us via the website or the